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Turning over cards at the end is never pleasant, but knowing when and how to do it will help you a lot. Every move in unlimited poker has a reason (or reasons)-at least it should be. When it comes to improving inspection, there should be several specific reasons for taking such action after the flop. Here are the three most common reasons.

Novices sometimes can’t understand why they raise. These players can RAISE by using a small pocket of the blind to RAISE in the rear position, and finally get the dark three points after the flop, and then make a large RAISE in order to bring the opponent to his knees for a small amount of money. They don’t realize that rising defense is scary and often makes it difficult for opponents to continue playing.

Since a trump usually represents the power of a card, you have to consider what you want to reflect on them. For most players who don’t have a spot, the flop is either a way to bring the opponent to his knees or a way to slow down after taking the lead.

When do you expect your opponent to throw in the towel? When you have weak cards? This time you check the raise to see if it’s a bluff. Or when you have a strong, weak hand, you’re not bluffing, but you’re protecting your hand by raising it when you turn it over or turn it over? With your raise called a flop, betting on a seemingly safe turn lead in a Malaysian casino will make it harder for an opponent to call with his normal hand, knowing that he is likely to bet on the river.

In a multiplayer game, the check raise also has a “clear” function, which can take the game immediately, or create a lead against only one opponent. That’s a relatively good score, even if you hold the second best card, and have a chance to improve next time, or draw.

Suppose you raise a flush on the flop, and there is a counter. If you make a flush on the turn, your hand may also be camouflaged because the opponent may think you are raising to protect the card.

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