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Improved camouflage

Checking is another basic act to improve camouflage, in addition to showing off the power of your card, it’s actually a form of camouflage and deception. You can imagine that this is not a one-game game, not a straight bet, but the impression of a hunter leading his opponent into a “trap. “.

In fact, in some games and poker rooms, it’s even forbidden to raise. There is even a “rule” hanging in the BELLADONNA poker room that allows for special billing checks and callbacks.

Even today, when you play a private game full of inexperienced players, they think check-and-raise is a problem. This can even happen on a “friendly” , passive low-level table, where the player will think the raise check is an attack. This is because the player does not like to be fooled or cheated.

But the basic meaning of Chatti is often disguised.

Players who choose to raise need to pay more attention to this. Don’t think of raising after placing a bet, think of raising as a remedy, such as he has already checked his opponent’s bet, just think of it and place your bet (some entertainment players do this) . Plan your moves, including manipulating your opponent’s bets, opening the door for you to raise.

I myself have seen in some games that only some players have shown the ability to check the raise, while others have only taken the lead or checked the raise when there is no place to place each bet. The player usually gives the impression that he is thinking one more step with each hand. Players who can successfully raise the stakes are generally more trustworthy.

Of course, I want to say one more thing, you can’t let the players think you like cheating. Our disguises are designed to help build an image for us to use later. It’s a soap opera. . .

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