How To Choose The BEST Casino Game

Statistically, in Malaysia gambling are very popular especially Fadawin.com Best Online Casino Malaysia. Not only do Malaysian enjoy playing at the best Malaysia online Casinos, but they also frequently buy lottery tickets and place bets on sports games and live games.

How To Find Your Best Casino Game

If you like casinos, you will find a game you like in every game in casino. But how do you find the perfect match? Should you try every casino game or is there a shortcut? Discover your favourite casino game with this short guide.

There are so many casino games that it’s no surprise many people cannot see the forest for the trees. Which casino game are you going to play? Which one suits you best?

5 questions to find your casino game

How long would you like to play?

If you do not want to be restricted by opening times and time restrictions, you will soon find your way to the online casinos.

The advantage to playing say, online video slots, is that you can play 24/7. Video slots are easily accessible for everyone. You can play these games as long as you like, also with a smaller budget and at many online casinos, including Fadawin.com, you can even play for demo.

If you are planning on spending a lot time playing, be sure to be aware of the minimal betting requirements. These may vary per game. Other games you can play for a long time with lower bets include poker, or table games like roulette and blackjack. Everything in Fadawin.com and they provide 100% Welcome Bonus for New Player on-board.

Do you want to bet high or low?


Most slots game offer players the option of also playing with lower bets. Players that like an easily accessible game would be wise to have a look at the wide range of online slots that the online casino has available. It is sometimes even possible to bet only 0.10 MYR per playing round.

With slots game or other slot machines you can raise your betting all the way up to 500MYR per playing round. The maximum betting amount may vary per game.

Players who prefer to bet low in classic card games are also called ‘low rollers’. Their opposites, those who come to the tables with big money are called ‘high rollers’.

Truth is, there is a table for every type of ‘roller’.


With classic table games at the online casino, such as roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat, you have the option to choose tables which allow extra high betting.

One card game known for its high stakes is baccarat. You can play this game for real high rollers at Fadawin.com.

In baccarat, you can bet starting from 50MYR per hand all the way up to 20,000 MYR per hand. When you play this game in the live casino you will get a taste of the real playing experience: feel like you are on the floor of a chic ‘real life’ casino. You play baccarat in real time with live croupiers who you can see via a video feed.

Do you enjoy quick games?

Not every casino game is played at the same tempo. With some games, it may take a while, for example, for a round to be played out or for all the hands to be dealt. This is usually the case with traditional table games or card games in a real or live casino.

Fortunately, the online casino offers players who like quick games many options. The playing rounds for most slots game are quickly played. You can also choose ‘auto play’ with most video slots and other slot machines which allows you to bet the same amount for a number of rounds.

The best way to figure out how fast a game is played is by playing a few free rounds. Fadawin.com online casino offers new player onboard with 50% Welcome Bonus.

Do you seek an intellectual challenge?

Games that are the most challenging intellectually are often the card games that offer you the opportunity to improve. Here, we are talking about the card games in which you can implement a strategy.

Blackjack is a good example of this. There are all kinds of variations available which require you to constantly adapt your strategy. The more you play, the more you know. This also applies to poker, of course.

Simply put, insight comes from playing a lot. It is wise to first practice a lot, and you can do this for free in the online casino. This is how you can get better without taking any risks before you move on to the next step: playing for money.

If you are looking for a totally different experience in gambling, we also offer sports betting with Casino Winner Sport. Sports betting is ideally suited for those players who like a challenge, because your knowledge of sports can really increase your chances of winning.

Do you play to win a big jackpot?

If you really want to play for the big jackpot, not every casino game will suffice and it will largely depend on the amount of your bets. Many casino games do not have a jackpot or mega prize, but a maximum winning amount per hand or playing round which is known beforehand.

At a classic roulette table, for example, you can win a maximum of 36 times your bet per round (when the ball stops on your number). Special promotions or tournaments do often offer a large (daily) grand prize.

Are you still want that jackpot? You should then choose to play the slot machines or slots that are connected to a progressive jackpot. Every player that bets on that particular jackpot game contribute to the grand total. This prize money can run up to several million MYR. And with every spin, you have a chance to win. No matter how small or large your bet is!

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