Microgaming Jackpot Big Price on Fadawin

Since Microgaming, an online game, its top prize has made a lot of people rich overnight. In 2020, its odds surprised all Malaysian players.

Malaysian online casino players win top Jackpot in 2019. It was especially good for a player at the Malaysian casino earlier this year, as Fadawin won the Super Grand Prize, which was more than rm8,888 when big blue spun the scroll. It is Microgaming Malaysia’s third-biggest prize in the history of online casinos and the biggest so far in 2020, but still stands a chance of breaking a new record. His success on June 15th has doubled the incentive for like-minded players to chase other prizes on the Microgaming aggregator network.

The total compensation for Micro Games has exceeded 900,000 RINGGIT

2020 promises to be the best year ever for the microgame awards network. With more than rm100,000 in many awards, many fortunes have changed for the better and players have higher expectations for the second half of 2020. The cumulative compensation for Micro Games has exceeded 800,000 ringgit and is slowly approaching the 1 million mark.

The biggest prize goes to them. Now, what are you waiting for? Contact customer service and register immediately.

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