Tip 4: Stop Your losses! Play within your budget

Although gambling is all about luck, you can’t do anything to take chances on a slot machine

Sometimes you lose money, sometimes you win money at the slot machines, even win big prizes. Enjoy the game.

But don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose, and make sure the game you’re playing matches you and only uses your extra money. That’s the kind of premise that gets you off the hook.

As a general rule of thumb, your gambling fund should cover 250 bets, giving you a 90% chance of lasting three hours.

Here are some suggested reserves, with a 90% chance of three hours instead of all being spent on some common configuration:

Slot machine tip: The table-always plays within your budget and is willing to lower your bet or stop playing if you reach a limit

If you walk into a live casino or log on to an online casino with $200, you can’t afford to play slot machines. If you decide to try anyway and find yourself losing $100 quickly, be prepared to either leave or fall into the slot with the rest.

Slot machines do not give players the chance to make multiple bets in combinations like dice or Roulette, nor do they take advantage of changing odds like blackjack counters. Still, slot machine players have been experimenting with System Games for generations.

In the end, however, the odds on the slot machine remained the same, with each spin being the same. The most creative systems may be fun to try, but they don’t make you a consistent winner.

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