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In Malaysia, the game has been popular with Internet users, and some people even go to bed and eat to shoot fish! Where’s The charm?

Today we are going to crack the secret of a fishing machine and teach you how to play the big fish! At the same time how to play the game to taste the taste of victory?

Winning technology of fishing machine

The average fishing machine has two limits to ensure that it wins. One is the draw rate, which is how many coins the machine must pull out when the player is typing 100 coins.

If the third player B Loses 2 million, the machine’s memory value will be (100-50 + 200) = 2.5 million.

There is also a gambling machine is controlled by the game currency inventory, suppose a machine has 100 million at the beginning, and player a wins 500 million, the machine’s memory becomes 500 million, then the next player is hard to win money.

Generally speaking, a machine has a lot of people playing, that is, if one of them wins a lot of money, I suggest you take a break. Let the machine eat a little more money, and then it’s over.

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Five minutes to learn the winning skills of a fishing machine

Tips (1)

Note the fish’s blood:

In general, because the location of the meal is different, so the location of the fish will never die, those who do not know the secret of the friends, will choose death.

This dead fish is not only lucky, so you only have to use 1,000 guns next to the light fish when you eat a person, and the fish is dead. In this way, I believe that even children can play.

Tips (2)

Rule of thumb.

In fact, this method can be said to pick up the “chicken” trick, specifically hit the position of others lost points, because once others lost points, in any case, the system has to give people a few dead fish.

Suppose you hit a few shots with 1,000 guns. If you hit the fish exactly 300 times, wouldn’t your profit be very large?

In today’s introduction, it is very clear that every shot will die big fish, with this method to play the game is to win.

Tips (3)

A score:

Out of 1,000 guns, because sometimes, the spot where you lose a point, is usually bigger, you just point to the spot and enjoy the game, in other words, the left ear, the right ear.

So when playing lost dragon, lost points lost more mouth.

Skills (4)

Only the Little Fish:

We’ll use the fish method. The cannon will be cut into 1000 cannons!

Take the bullet out, five times. If it’s for points, this position will hold.

Then enjoy playing with 1000 cannonballs to win points!

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